Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Updates on the coolest kid on the block (with help from my cell phone).

I was tidying up Gabriel's bed tonight and I discovered twenty-two books in and around his bed. My heavens, I love this kid. I love the way he sleeps. 

He is fascinated by the Sudoku puzzles in the paper so one day on the train I explained to him the concept and method of completing the puzzle. He then, very carefully, took a pen and methodically wrote a small "1" in each empty box. Seriously, the child is brilliant.

He and I like to shop together though Archie says we're dangerous without proper supervision. Last time we went to Target, we came home with $150 worth of cleaning supplies and breakfast cereal.

Gabriel and I cook together a lot. I do most of the cooking and he holds the oven mitts.

My parents got Gabe a pop-up tent for Christmas. He would live in it if he could. One day we slid his mattress inside. That became his "hide-out" where he would take breaks from jumping on the couch and running around the apartment wearing his personalized superhero cape my sister sent him. He was one happy kid.

Mostly he keeps us giggling and absolutely convinced he is the number one coolest kid in the world.