Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Best of 2014

January was when my brother James and his lovely Catherine wed in Salt Lake. It was amazing to go home to Utah for the wedding, visit with friends, and go skiing with my family. Utah is da best.


February was when my favorite people in the world (my dearest friend Corrine, her husband Kristofer, plus Corrine's family) came to visit in New York. We went to see Wicked and afterward Archie taught us all a lesson about the dangers of empty subway cars. 

February was also the month of the never-ending snowstorm. Luckily someone we know loves snow more than anything else in the free world.

And Archie and I celebrated our second anniversary in February by being extremely attractive. 

March was the month when Gabe turned six and had a big o' string of birthday celebrations. (Four parties, this child had. Next year's theme: disappointment.) 

April was the month that I realized my child is the cutest. That's all. Also we saw a movie about bears. Bear movie, cute kid. That's all. 

May was the month Gabe got a pair of aviator sunglasses and took approximately 800 selfies with my phone.

I also walked over to the East Side in May to find my grandmother's very first home. It's really incredible to live in a city where my family has so many connections.

We also went to the Empire State Building in May, accompanied by Captain America. 

June was the month when we had lots of houseguests. Trish (Archie's stepmom) came to visit and then almost the entire Jeffery clan (old friends from UT) blew into town. Ask me how many little bodies can comfortably stay in our tiny 700 square foot apartment...answer: lots. 

In June we visited the Enterprise space shuttle (no superhero escort, danggit). 

And also there was a day in June when I wasn't home and Archie let Gabe pick out his own outfit. #nocomment

July started off with a bang (HA. I slay myself.) with an Independence Day trip to Maryland and then my heart melted into a smooshy pile of goo watching my dad and my son spend practically every second together. Those guys are two chocolate-milk-lovin', fishing-pole-totin', wisecrackin' peas in a pod and it makes me so happy. 

At the end of July, I visited the Oregon coast with my in-laws and had a blast. It was so hard to leave that beautiful place! Also, starfish. 

August was the month we were sealed and had fun celebrating with all the people we love in Utah! 

And then Gabe rode a pony. 

When we got back to the city, we did lots of exploring and scootering. 

And then Archie and I had our birthdays in August and celebrated by being extremely attractive. 

September was the month KIKI came to visit! Everything's better with a little Kiki, trust me on this. We had our first Cronut with Kiki, and then she held us while we wept because it was terrible

In September, Gabe held an empty Tic Tac container to his ear and told me he could hear the ocean. He agrees with me that orange Tic Tacs are the most wonderful thing in the world which is why we're best friends for life. 

He also appreciates the joy of finding an empty seat at the train station after a long day. Again, BFFs. 

October was the month we went apple-picking and pumpkin-hunting because we're the whitest people you've ever met! Also, I dress Gabe like he's in a J. Crew catalog because we're the whitest people you've ever met!

October was the (only) month I tested Archie's patience. 

Archie agreed to a couple's costume this year for Halloween which made me explode with joy (this dude makes me the very happiest) and Captain America came back for a visit! 

Also, I tried on the mask from one of Gabe's Halloween costumes (uhh, I think he had that bad?) and it resulted in my favorite picture of me ever taken. 

I cannot stop laughing at this picture. 

November was the month I remembered that New York is the most beautiful place to live and I'm so happy we live here. Except every time I take a train, or go to a store, or interact with other people at all. 

We, as a family, continued to be weird in November. 

December was Christmas and boy do the Egberts know how to do Christmas! 

Gabe was the angel at our church's Nativity pageant because of course he was. And this angel happened to smack his head on a door at school three days before the pageant because of course he did. He did a beautiful job (he brought good tidings and everything!) and I couldn't have been more proud. He's my sweet angel and I love his cute face (scabs and all).

We ended the year with a trip to Maryland to see the folks which was perfect, as usual. 

These two boys I have fill up my whole soul with love and I'm so lucky to get to spend my years with them. We've had a fun-filled, blessed, and happy year and we just can't wait for the next one!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

*insert "tap, tap is this thing on?" joke here*

Heeeey, guys! Long time, no post. Sorry for the long blog hiatus (blogatus?) (no.) but I've been hard at work on my book.

Just kidding. I've actually just been watching a lot of television.

But also! Other things happened!


Gabe turned 5...

no, this is not a ploy to get you to see the awesome cake I made for him oh wait yes it is...

and then 6.

Archie had some birthdays, too!

Ditto. Ditto.

And I turned THIRTY...blerg. Don't worry, guys, I'm still super-hawt.

Archie graduated from Columbia! Woot! Doubly impressive considering during half of his Columbia career he was also undergoing cancer treatment. (Bee tee dubs, he's totes fine now, puh-raise the Lord!)

I quit my job (very bittersweet) but I got a new job (all sweet, no bitter).

And we moved to Harlem!

Harlem is, well, pretty amazing. I love it. And I love our little apartment. Archie will die laughing when he reads that because at least weekly he hears me shriek, "Ughhh! We need to move!" But, no, this place is great. It's charming. It has character. (Please note: "character" is broker-speak for "absolutely no bathroom storage but check out that exposed brick!") (And charm = your upstairs neighbors are the worst.)

Aaaaaannnnd (doot-doot-doot-doooooo!) (<---that was trumpet fanfare, people) we got sealed! It was, sigh, it was perfect. These two boys are my whole world and it was very, very precious to have a day where we promised that they are mine and I am theirs forever. And then we had a party. That, also, was perfect. (But we ran out of potato salad! Oh wait, no we actually didn't. We had like 30 pounds left over.)

And we filled all the spaces in between with lots of fun and lots of kissing.

Look! Look at how cute and fun we are!


This life we got, man guys, it is so good. It seems that, with every trial we face, we discover mountains and mountains of blessings. So we just keep chuggin' along, enjoying all this awesome.

Alrightly, guys, that television ain't gonna watch itself. Over and out!