Tuesday, September 2, 2014

*insert "tap, tap is this thing on?" joke here*

Heeeey, guys! Long time, no post. Sorry for the long blog hiatus (blogatus?) (no.) but I've been hard at work on my book.

Just kidding. I've actually just been watching a lot of television.

But also! Other things happened!


Gabe turned 5...

no, this is not a ploy to get you to see the awesome cake I made for him oh wait yes it is...

and then 6.

Archie had some birthdays, too!

Ditto. Ditto.

And I turned THIRTY...blerg. Don't worry, guys, I'm still super-hawt.

Archie graduated from Columbia! Woot! Doubly impressive considering during half of his Columbia career he was also undergoing cancer treatment. (Bee tee dubs, he's totes fine now, puh-raise the Lord!)

I quit my job (very bittersweet) but I got a new job (all sweet, no bitter).

And we moved to Harlem!

Harlem is, well, pretty amazing. I love it. And I love our little apartment. Archie will die laughing when he reads that because at least weekly he hears me shriek, "Ughhh! We need to move!" But, no, this place is great. It's charming. It has character. (Please note: "character" is broker-speak for "absolutely no bathroom storage but check out that exposed brick!") (And charm = your upstairs neighbors are the worst.)

Aaaaaannnnd (doot-doot-doot-doooooo!) (<---that was trumpet fanfare, people) we got sealed! It was, sigh, it was perfect. These two boys are my whole world and it was very, very precious to have a day where we promised that they are mine and I am theirs forever. And then we had a party. That, also, was perfect. (But we ran out of potato salad! Oh wait, no we actually didn't. We had like 30 pounds left over.)

And we filled all the spaces in between with lots of fun and lots of kissing.

Look! Look at how cute and fun we are!


This life we got, man guys, it is so good. It seems that, with every trial we face, we discover mountains and mountains of blessings. So we just keep chuggin' along, enjoying all this awesome.

Alrightly, guys, that television ain't gonna watch itself. Over and out!


Kristen said...

I've missed this! That is all.

PS. Also I'm super glad you're doing so well.

texaslani said...

Oh Kimmie you are a hoot and I love you!

Her Majesty Lani

Alanna said...

Welcome back!!! I'm so glad I didn't delete you off my feedly! I was beginning to lose hope...

AND, now that I know you live in Harlem, I have to tell you to seek out my sister. I know Harlem is a big place, and quite possibly there is more than one LDS ward there, but just in case-- look for Rachael (and Ian) Aveytua. She's the choir director and he's a clerk or something. And they're awesome and you'd love them and (perhaps more important) they'd love you! Go, find them!

And keep blogging!

Kimberly Egbert said...

Haha, Alanna, they are actually in our ward! Small world!

Erin said...

Congrats on all the awesome life events this past year! Looks like lots of fun. Btw, your cake pictures, despite being an obvious ploy for gratification, are impressive. I admit, cake pictures are my main motivation in making my kids b'day cakes.