Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas has arrived in Morningside Heights!

We've been pretty excited for Christmas as it turns out. In fact, we've had the majority of our decorations up for a month now. But! We've been waiting for our tree, of course, and so the Egberts went a' hunting for a tree this weekend.

Caught one! 

The boys carried the tree (which, incidentally, Gabriel has named Toby). 

Gabe and I strung up lights and hung baubles while Archie was working in the bedroom. At one point the two of us, punch-drunk with Christmassy cheer, barged into the bedroom seeking our most beloved commodity: attention. I was wrapped in a tablecloth with a soccer ball in my shirt and Gabe had a scarf wrapped around his head like a turban. 

"Hello! We are Mary and Joseph and we need a room 'cause we're going to have a baby!" I hollered at Archie. 

"Yes, we are!" Gabe chimed in. "And here's our horse!" Gabe pointed to the vacuum cleaner he dragged in after us. 

"Donkey," I whispered.

"Right, I mean donkey!" 

Archie told us to go sleep in the barn, and would we mind closing the door after us?

After our retreat, Gabriel wanted to be Mary so we switched costumes and tried again. 

"Hey! I'm Mary and I need a room!" Gabe yelled into the bedroom and, after being denied again, threw off the shawl and screeched, "I'm not Mary! I'm a monster!" And, hurling the ball to the ground, he yelled, "I'm throwing the baby away and I'll wrestle you!!"

So....we haven't quite gotten the Nativity story down.  

But, I mean, check out that tree!