Thursday, August 16, 2012


When Gabriel turned 4 back in March, I purchased an Elmo pan for his cake. The cake turned out beautifully and he was, needless to say, beyond thrilled. 

 As Archie's and my birthdays were approaching (Archie's birthday is the day after mine which, turns out, is really awesome because we get to stretch out the celebrations indefinitely. In fact, Archie woke up on August 1st, nudged me, and said, "Hey, happy birthday month!" Good grief, he knows me well.) Gabe requested that our birthday cake also be an Elmo cake and, since I was determined to get my money's worth out of that pan, I agreed.

However, in the weeks leading up to Birthday Weekend 2012, Archie started talking about bears a lot. Like a lot. And come to find out, my husband really likes bears. I mean, I vaguely remember him mentioning long ago that he liked bears but, I guess I did not fully comprehend the magnitude of his affection for bears.

He really likes bears.

So Gabe and I hatched a plan that we would make a bear cake....using the Elmo pan. I told Gabe it would be like Elmo wearing a bear costume. And that is pretty much exactly how it looked.

I'm thinking the next several celebrations in our family will have cakes with a vague resemblance to Elmo. Elmo wearing a cat costume, Elmo wearing an alien costume, Elmo wearing a Santa costume, you get the idea.