Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Have you ever played the game "Fortunately, Unfortunately"? Here's my afternoon in that style:

I was sitting at my desk.
Unfortunately, I was very hungry.
Fortunately, I had a fiber bar in my desk.
Unfortunately, fiber bars are gross.
Fortunately, I was too hungry to care.
Unfortunately, I dropped a chocolate chip.
Fortunately, it was just a little one.
Unfortunately, it fell on my chair.
Unfortunately, I didn't see it.
Unfortunately, I sat on it.
Unfortunately, chocolate melts when exposed to body heat.
Unfortunately, I got a large chocolaty smear on my chair.
Unfortunately, it was also all over my bum.



Karen said...

It is not your week for clothing, is it? Maybe it's a sign to go naked!!! :)

Alisca said...

I think going naked is the best/only option at this point!

Corrine said...

hmmmm... to the two comments before. And sad day about the chocolate chip mess. :)