Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two-for-One Special on the Guilt Trip Express!

Recent conversation with my mother:

"Your father called me a few days ago to tell me to call you," she began. "Apparently you told him your life was falling apart . . ."

"It was, actually," I replied, the pain apparent in my voice. "I was having a perfectly wretched week and I tried calling you but you weren't home and you weren't answering your cell so I had to call Dad instead." (big, heavy, pathetic, martyr-like sigh)

She responded, woundedly, "Well, I tried calling back but you didn't answer and you didn't respond to my message." (bigger, heavier, patheticker, more martyr-like sigh)

Heaven and earth, I love that woman.


annie valentine said...

I think we have way too many things in common. (Except potatoes. I hate potatoes.)

Kristina P. said...

I wish I didn't have crazy parents.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your family should see a doctor about your genetic sighing problem.