Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Honestly, folks.

"What are you doing?" Robin asked last night when he called. And thus my dilemma was born.

Do I tell him? Do I fess up? I mean, I'm an honest person but do I really want to tell my friend, "Well, I'm in my bedroom watching old *NSYNC music videos on my laptop to see if I can still do all the dance moves to Bye Bye Bye and I'm pretty surprised at how much I've retained in the decade since learning it"?

I decided to go with the boring but less deeply embarrassing, "Oh. Uh, nothing."


Cheetah said...

Hahahaha!! And now the world knows your dirty little secret! Victory is ours!

DottyLoulou said...

I was looking at my own blog...and on a strange impulse,hit the button that says "next blog".....that's when I stumbled across your charming compendium. I enjoyed reading your entry. You have a talent for writing.

Sherrie said...

And if anyone wants proof, I have video evidence as to Kim's rippin' moves.

Dale said...

Dear Kim's Mom,

I'm pretty sure that videos that people would prefer didn't exist is the whole reason Al Gore invented the internet.

That and to put newspapers out of business in an effort to stop global warming.

So that polar bears will not die, I think you should share this video.

You should put up a link.

Kim said...

Hang on, people!

Do I get a vote in this? What if I want to run for public office someday?

Kim said...

Because, you know, that would be the only embarrassing thing posted about me on the internet.