Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pretty bubbles in the air

In a wildly inappropriate movie that I'm not even going to name because I'm so ashamed that I've actually seen it and also do not recommend you see, a character watches his kids playing in the yard and laments, "I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles."

Me? I don't seem to have that problem. My thing is I get too easily excited over trivial things. I enjoy things too much. Everything in my life is bubbles.

Last night I bought one of those mini muffin pans at Walmart. Dear heavens, I was psyched. So psyched I was up until midnight making little baby cupcakes and cooing at their teensy, rounded tops. So psyched I told all my coworkers about it this morning.

"You can make like a hundred cupcakes with one recipe and they only cook for like 10 minutes and they're daaaarrrling!"

"Yeah, Kim, we know what mini muffins are."

"But, they're so itsy-bitsy! I filled them with a tablespoon! A tablespoon!"

"Yep. That's cool, Kim. Uh, next up on the meeting agenda . . . "

For me, mini muffin pan = bubbles.

And the other day I bought some high-fiber, low-sugar oatmeal and was so surprised it was actually tasty that I couldn't stop chattering about it.

"Mmmm! This is good!'


"This is delicious!"


"This is the best oatmeal I have. ever. had."


"Oh, man. Mmmmm."

For me, tasty oatmeal = bubbles.

What do you like as much as kids like bubbles?


Dale said...

Judd Apatow films, LOL.

Anonymous said...


1. My wife.
2. Dates with my wife.
3. Obedient kids.
4. Serving in the Scouting program and building a Scouting legacy.
5. BBQ

Beerman said...


Kim said...

Excellent! I'm so glad BBQ made the list!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Apple wasn't me. Let me be clear.

I love dead, slowly cooked meat. Fruit is for.....fruits.

)en said...

a double rainbow. even just a single one.
getting caught in a downpour
cracking an egg and finding 2 yolks
getting a personal letter in the mail

Megan Kinney said...

when i think about getting excited about bubbles, i think about that fish in finding nemo who is very excited by the bubbles coming out of the treasure chest:


personally, i think this childlike excitement we retain makes our lives more interesting. i mean think about it, it we have SO much more to be happy about!