Thursday, December 16, 2010

An embarrassing thing

One time I was in a business meeting and I was eating raspberry yogurt.

Why? I don't know. But, anyway, I was.

So we were sitting around talking about business-y things and I was just sitting there slurping away at that Dannon Light & Fit when a medium-sized blob of raspberry yogurt dropped off my spoon and onto my forearm. It quivered there for a bit, that delightfully tangy spot of purple, and when I saw it I knew what must be done.

So what do you think I did with that rogue raspberry blob?

a) wiped it away with a napkin

b) wiped it away with a napkin

c) raised my arm to my mouth and licked it off, momentarily forgetting that I was in a Professional Business Setting and also that I am not an animal and am not allowed to lick myself in public and when I looked up I found every eye in the room trained on me and every face expressing the same thought and that thought was, "Is that chick licking her arm?" and now whenever I see these people I wonder if they're thinking about that one time that I licked my arm in a meeting even though it happened like two years ago but, come on, that's kind of a hard thing to forget and so I bet they still think about it.


Kristina P. said...

All of the above?

Corrine said...

I freakin' laughed out loud! You crack me up! I wish I was in that meeting!

Tamara said...

I see nothing wrong with that. You are normal. Those people are weird, or are pretending that your normal behavior is weird so as to make themselves feel tall and important. Licking of legs or feet is frowned upon in general, however, so proceed with caution.