Friday, February 11, 2011

Is this the most morbid thing you've ever seen?

Plus, doesn't the hole in its head look like a gunshot?

I love Valentine's Day. (This might be because I base my love of holidays on how cute they are and Valentine's Day, after all, is by far the cutest of days.) 

I love, in particular, the kitschiness of it all. I mean, it's pink and red and glittery and doily-y and terrifically garish. What's not to love? I delight in the cloying sentimentality which is saying something for a girl who, as a rule, avoids sentimentality in general. I like that, as a society, we all agree that on one day we will act like elementary-schoolers and exchange silly cards with silly poems, eat red and pink candies and be dorky. 

My favorite things about this year's Valentine's Day:
1. 69¢ Love Songs on iTunes (the 60's R&B Love Songs playlist? I own. I love.) 

2. the Justin Bieber cards I'm passing out to all my coworkers (and the straight face I'm trying to keep while doing it)

3. my ever-fun roommates who are always supportive of super-dorky Valentine's decorations and parties

4. the Dove Promises wrappers that told me to be my own Valentine and, if that fails, reminds me that chocolate will *always* be there for me 
(Not that I ate like 12 of these in one sitting the other day or anything.)

5. this precious wreath I made with my own two hands and is practically my favorite thing on this planet right now

Justin and I wish you the happiest Valentine's Day ever! 

Like baby, baby, baby, oh.

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Kristina P. said...

I have been on the search for Hoff Valentine cards, but weirdly, no luck. I will not be deterred.