Tuesday, April 5, 2011

But I'm not talking about you, of course. Or you either.

It's always a little unnerving when someone I don't know very well comes up to me and says, "I've been reading your blog! You are so funny!" because:

a) I'm so not funny in real life. Or even very interesting.

b) If your only exposure to me is through this blog, there's a 98% chance you think I'm a moron. In fact, a more appropriate name for this blog would be "A Collection of Accounts of Kim Being Petty, Ridiculous, Simpleminded and/or Acting a Fool."

But that doesn't mean that I want people to stop.

Because super-super-secretly (just between us) I love. it.


Alanna said...

It's a good thing you love it, because I am totally one of those people. Oh, sure, we've never met. But I always assume that if we did, we'd probably be pretty good friends. Anyone who's willing to publish the dumb things they've done in order to allow total strangers to laugh is someone I would get along with great.

Keep it up!

Becca's Blog said...

I agree. It is kind of scary when people who don't know you at all for real read your blog. Some girl I know contacted me yesterday asking me if it was okay to give my blog address to a guy she wants to set me up with.

I don't quite understand why she thinks that's a good idea, since on my blog I'm sure I just come across as a crazy, dog-hating spinster, who travels excessively, and does things like sell free MoTab tickets for $200. I'm sure that will make the guy want to take me out!

Anyway, let's just stay ourselves anyway...even if 98% of our blog readers think we're morons! Who cares anyway...they're reading, so they must secretly be intrigued.

Kristina P. said...

I was just thinking about your blog last night. I think you are hilarious and adorable, and I think you should have millions of readers.

Kim said...

I think I'm in love with you.

)en said...

Of course you do. What i love even more is when a friend tells me something about my blog that someone else told them. Not only is someone reading my blog-- they're talking to their friends about it. :D

Also, i lol'ed @ simpleminded. so good.

Mrs. B. Roth said...

My old home teacher used to do that ... made me nervous ...

I love it too.

And you. Who ever you are.