Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in New York is like Christmas other places. Just dirtier and with a lot more people.

Oh, and it has a bigger tree.

Christmas in New York? Oh hells yes.

Archie and I are having a quiet little Christmas here in the city. We've put together a Christmassy little living room complete with handmade knit stockings, baked (and eaten) a lot of cookies and cuddled up to watch several Christmas favorites like Celebrity Rehab and The Biggest Loser.

We're meeting some friends tonight for Christmas Eve dinner and then going to midnight mass here. I'm having a blast celebrating with my honeybunch.

Oh, wait, what? You wanted to see our cute faces? Ok, fine.


It's hard being this good looking but we make it work.

 Merry Christmas to all!

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Erin said...

Hi Kim! Sheesh, I fail to check your blog for a little while, then discover you've moved across the country to be with your new boyfriend! How very exciting and romantic. I'm happy to hear how happy you are. Good luck in NY!