Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Attention Roommates:

Contrary to popular belief, coming home at all hours of the night and stomping around in high heels on the hardwood floors will not make me like you. Neither will turning on every light in the house before going to bed. If you continue such behavior, I will retaliate in a passive-aggressive manner, such as taking out the garbage by myself every single time. So there.

I hope you learned your lesson, missy!

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CeCe Boyack said...

Logically, I know that this post was written before you married Archie. However, in my heart of hearts, I know that this cutting paragraph was aimed at your beloved. Don't try to hide it. How could I not know it was meant for him when you reference his "stomping around in high heels on the hardwood floors" and when you call him "missy," your pet name for him. Please keep your marital strife and Archie's cross-dressing habits away from the world wide web, it's just too much to handle at the moment. I'm already stress eating from the constant barrage of Trump antics in the news, I can't take much more. Just let me have some PEACE!