Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Heart Mormons

I went to a session of Conference* this afternoon and it was pretty amazing. Mostly because I was with my amazing brother who makes me laugh even when I'm really cold (i.e. cranky).
Anyway, there were the usual protesters on the surrounding street corners, determined to tear apart our faith or at least fleck spittle in our general direction. I was surprised at how many protesters were there as it was snowy and drizzly and very, very cold. To be perfectly candid, the protesters didn't bother me at all; they were pesky at best, a few were downright comical.

Amid all these people who were shouting something about all Mormons going to hell, there was one woman, probably in her mid-twenties, strikingly beautiful, standing on a platform and holding up a large sign (maybe 4 foot square) that read "I HEART MORMONS."

I thought that image was so striking: a group of people spouting messages of hate and anger and a lone woman with a statement of acceptance and tolerance and love.


*If you don't know what Conference is, look up "Worship services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" on Wikipedia.

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Ashley said...

What a waste of their time. I mean most people on their way to conference are Mormon. Woo hoo to the lone women standing up for herself and Mormons everywhere.