Friday, November 9, 2007

Mavs fan 4 life.

So the Mavericks are coming to Salt Lake in December and James and I are going. I'm so excited! If anyone else is going to be in town the day after Christmas, you should come with us. (No Jazz fans allowed in my car, Alisca.) Also, face painting may be in order. I just hope the crazy Jazz fans don't attack us or burn my car or something, Alisca. Those fans can get out of control, Alisca. Just putting that out there, Alisca.

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The Hathorns said...

What's wrong with the Jazz?

I don't think I will root for anyone this season, so I can be blissful through the whole of every game I watch. Or maybe I'll root for both teams simultaneously.


ps. Go Jazzericks.