Monday, November 12, 2007

Nine years running and no cavities!

I went to a new dentist today. He was approximately 156 years old and pretty darn adorable. He mentioned that I had beautiful teeth about 4 times and then called the hygienist over to verify that they were, indeed, beautiful.

As he was cleaning my beautiful teeth he happily chatted on about war and football, pausing only to ask if I watched Dancing With the Stars, which is his favorite TV show. His wife tapes it for him. "That Marie is just a really talented gal!"

I was growing to adore this wrinkly old man when he started in on "the questions." Any single person knows what I'm talking about.

"So, are you married?"

"Huuh, uhh."

"Don't worry. It will happen. Do you have a boyfriend out here?"

"Naaah." (His hand was in my mouth.)

"Really? A cute girl like you?"

"Naharah ragumba garumg."

"Do you go on a lot of dates?"


"You should. You need to put yourself out there. You have to date a lot to get married. Marriage is just such a blessing. Single gals like you . . . " (continues in this vein for about 4 minutes)
"Well, just keep working on it."

At this point he doesn't realize that I'm "working" on not biting his little old hands in frustration.

I understand that it is human nature to be interested in other people's lives, but when people insinuate that it is impossible for a person to be complete and happy while not in a committed relationship is infuriating and patronizing. I also understand the importance of marriage and family. I really do. People do not need to continue to remind me. I already know. Really. I do.

Sorry if this does not make any sense to everyone; I'm just a little sensitive right now.

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