Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gentle Reminder

My birthday is next week! I know that thousands of you are out right now, scouring the shelves for that perfect gift. That's sweet, but it's not at all necessary. I will tell you exactly what I want. See? I'm looking out for my friends.

Here's the list:

Velociraptor (real, caged)


Dog (pet)

Cat (food for pet)

Ability to fly

Cocktail on DVD

Ride in space shuttle

Dinner with Aaron Eckhart (also would consider marriage proposal, if someone plays his cards right)

World peace



Karen said...

That sure is a tall order! I mean, Cocktail on DVD is really hard to find...

Beerman said...

what will you name the velociraptor and/or the dog?

Kim said...

What would anyone name a velociraptor? Lightning. Obviously. The dog? Claire.

Beerman said...

wow.. i was going Spot on both.

Dan Johnston said...

dibs on the nachos! i can totally handle nachos.