Friday, August 1, 2008

Written Over Breakfast

Oh, Honey Bunches of Oats
With almonds,

You so make me smile
And I would be late to work

To eat you

because I love you.

Your sweet crunchy clusters
and three types of flakes:

They are lovely between my teeth.

As I sit and eat
I look
At your beautiful visage,

Enlarged to show texture.

I like to eat you
With organic milk,

But I would eat you with dairy products
full of added growth hormones

Because the only thing that would grow

Is my love

For you. With almonds.


The Hathorns said...

They are making cereal that is just bunches now, dude.

Time to re-obsess!


Kim said...

First, that sounds awesome.

Second, did you just call me "dude"?

Michelle said...

that is a little creepy i must say. but i love you anyways... hey that rhymes