Thursday, March 4, 2010

And now for something gross

Are you saying exactly what what most people say when they walk into my office?

"WHAT is that THING on your desk?!"

Calm down, guys. It's just a tea bag. A soggy, used tea bag slowly leaking its juices all over my work area.

I'm a tea-drinker. I love me a nice, hot cup of tea to sip while I'm working. And, y'all know me, I'm about as inattentive and absentminded as a person can get, and when I'm in the middle of an email or a conference call (or, let's be more realistic here, a blog post) what wins? Carefully lifting the steamy bag out of the cup and bringing it to the trash can while not letting it drip on me or the surrounding carpet? Or grabbing a handful of Kleenex and plopping it down on the desk where I'll forget about it in a couple minutes and then go to reach for something and plunk my elbow into a squelchy blob of moist paper?

That's right, I said moist.

I am one classy broad up in here.


Celestial Soldier said...

My favorite tea is Tazo Passion tea... Mmm...

Kim said...

I tried that one after you raved about it one night but I wasn't a huge fan. The kids at school loved it though! I don't really like fruit teas, I've found.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I suggest you hang your teabags on a little clothes line and dry them. That might look cute.

Sherrie said...

"Herb tea, I assume?" her mother harrumphed.