Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where I've Been While I Haven't Been Here

out of sorts
out of control
out of options
out to lunch
out of sight
out of mind
off kilter
off my rocker
off color
off the grid
off the record
in a funk
in a mood
in the headlines
in a fog
in a rut
in my special place
in the clink (not really)
down and out
down for the count
down the tubes
on the flip-side
on my last legs
on the case
on the rebound

And what's the best stereotypical, meaningless, vapid cure for an out-of-sorts girl?

new shoes

new haircut (complete with pouty face!)

And Handsome Keith showing up on your doorstep with this doesn't hurt either.

Oh, I do not deserve that boy.

A typical conversation between us:

HK: Hey, I'm going to do or say something incredibly sweet and caring.

Me: Cool. Hey, let's play a game called Point Out Each Other's Glaring Personal Faults. I'll go first. Also, you do not get a turn. And can you remind me how pretty I am?

HK: Okay. And you are very pretty today. And here are some fancy chocolates.

Me: Yay!


So . . . . . . . . . how've y'all been?


Kristina P. said...

This was well worth the wait.

Although, your pout looks like you might have accidentally pooped your pants.

Kim said...

It's sad how many of my expressions appear to be indicative of loss of bladder/bowel control.

Really sad, actually.

Sherrie said...

I've missed you here...

Corrine said...

i LOVE your shoes!!!! miss ya!

)en said...

new hair, shoes, and chocolate sounds like a great remedy for any ailment. if only you could get new chocolate hair shoes...

we've missed you. i would tell you i've checked your blog 37 times a day for 2 weeks but that would be embarrassing.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Kim!! LOVE your new shoes and your haircut looks great! Question- Is "Handsome Keith" your BF?? If so my daddy is going to be a little jealosu! jk!!Hope you are doing well!!

Kim said...

No, Keith is just a friend. You know my heart will always belong to Big Lou.