Thursday, April 22, 2010

Also one time I accidentally ate a whole package of bacon.

During a discussion about food last night, dear Robin made the most audacious claim!

"Well," he says, "people shouldn't be eating pork anyway because it's really bad for you."


And so I kicked him right in the teeth.

Okay, I didn't*. But really would anyone have blamed me?

I mean, good grief.

*That might have had something to do with him being all the way over there on the other couch and my toes being so nice and toasty due to me slowly inching them under dear Keith's derriere**.

**Keith, thank you for having a warm tushie to offer such coziness to a silly girl who wears flippity-flops during a rainstorm. You're the best!


Lizzy said...

pork isn't really good for you...nor does it really taste that good.

Can you post derrière on your blog or will your mom consider that a swear?!

Kim said...

Liz, you are dead to me. DEAD!

I'm so sad for you that you've never had really well-made pork. If you had, you would never spread such LIES!

And my mom thinks everything's a swear.

Sherrie said...

oh yeah? well, then !@#$* to you.
so there.

* translation: "you two are poopy heads."