Thursday, May 20, 2010

Deeply Embarrassing Confession #531

Right Said Fred's hit "I'm Too Sexy" is my favorite song and I sing it every time I remove anything from something else. 

When I'm getting undressed, it's "I'm too sexy for this blouse, too sexy for these jeans, oh so sexy!"

And in the shower it's "I'm too sexy for this dirt, too sexy for this grime." When I take off nail polish I remind myself that "I'm too sexy for this pink!"

Even if I were to eat an orange, I would be singing "I'm too sexy for this rind, too sexy for this pith, too sexy for these seeds!"

And I also tell inanimate objects what they're too sexy for. When it's time to do the dishes I hum, "You're too sexy for this spaghetti, too sexy for this oatmeal!"  And when my baseboards get scrubbed, they know they are "too sexy for that dust!"


Olsen Family said...

When we thought we had no job my parents said we could move into their condo in Provo. Then Nate got offered a job by the army. But you know the military... it will be at least a year before they take him. So we might be here for awhile.
Also the other day someone was telling me the only blog they like to read that is linked to mine is yours. They said it is hilarious. Both of our all time favorites was your cantaloupe/ tee-shirt one. Thanks for the great laughs!

Sherrie said...

*stern voice* KIM! Really? stick to funny, not vulgar.

Kim said...

Classic Sherrie response!

Thank you, Internet, for providing one more avenue for my mother to criticize everything I do.

Dale said...

Nothing wrong with a high self esteem.

Besides, no mother in the world likes to admit that her daughter is too sexy for her uhh...dirt.