Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm really not this insensitive.

Instant messaging is a weird way to communicate because, unlike talking on the phone or in person, you don't know if the other person is saying something until it's right there in black-and-white. Sometimes both people will type at the same time causing an overlap in the conversation. This can lead to some awkward exchanges.

Take this one from a recent chat with my sister:

Sandy: [Our close friend] died yesterday in a horrible accident.

Me: I saw a goat today.

Sandy: He fell asleep at the wheel.

Me: Just running down the street.


Tamara said...

I don't know who you are, but you be FUNNY!! I am happy to feed that sick dependence on attention because your verbal outbursts brighten my mundane existence!

I'm friends with Maddy Jackson, and saw your blog on her page. Just so you know I'm not too crazy of a blog-stalker.


Celestial Soldier said...

Wait, a goat? Where?