Friday, January 7, 2011

More and Less

Resolutions freak me out a little. My brain just doesn't do well with them. I just can't do specific, quantifiable things. I might say, "This year I will be better about going to the gym," and I'll be fine. But if I say, "This year I will go to the gym three times a week," something in my brain will snap, stress will overtake me, I will throw up emotional blockades left and right, I won't accomplish anything and when I realize I've failed my resolution, my soul will collapse upon itself like a dying star. Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining to say the least but, unfortunately, a bit counterproductive.

After years of trying to retrain my brain to actually, you know, be normal, I've accepted to ol' thing for who it (she?) is. And now I know to word my goals very specifically as to not induce any panic attacks. So here we go.

In 2011, I will be more loving.
I will be less annoyed.
I will be more compassionate.
I will be less worrisome.
I will say more nice things to others.
I will think fewer snotty things about others.
I will accept more.
I will judge less.
I will make more soup.
I will drink less caffeine. (That one is kind of a joke, you see.)
I will be more concerned with being kind.
I will be less concerned with being right.
I will be more patient with my roommates.
I will be less worried about how tidy the house is. (Well, at least I will try.)
More smiles.
Less eye-rolling.
More Conference talks.
Less In Style.
More service.
Less downloading games on my phone and playing them during Sunday School.
More willingness.
Less whining.
More parties.
Less Redbox.
More temple.
Less Target.
More phone calls.
Less texting.

2010 pretty much kicked butt. Here's to a just-as-awesome 2011.


Kristina P. said...

I'm glad you didn't try to make too many! ;)

Sherrie said...

I, too, admire your restraint! hahaha! But, truthfully, they seem to fall into one giant category - *mom breaks into song* - "I'm trying to be like Je--sus." A worthy resolution.