Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Short List of Things of Which I Do Not Approve

I do not approve of people wearing flip-flops to church.

I do not approve of people calling hot dogs "wieners".

I do not approve of my boss asking me if I've accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. (True story.)

I do not approve of my neighbors letting their kids play unsupervised in my driveway right behind my car when I'm trying to leave the house.

I do not approve of people over the age of 9 saying the word "barf."

That is all.


Kristina P. said...

I think I only referred to hot dogs as wieners twice in my current post.

I would love a good wiener today.

Kim said...


Alanna said...

I do not approve of the word "fart." I refer to it as "the f-word."

I think pregnant women are allowed to wear flip-flops to church. Anyone else should probably find a good excuse (a swollen toe or something?). I have very mixed feelings about wearing nylons (which I feel are evil) to the temple-- I know I should be dressing up even more for a holy place, but I also know that I'm just going to slip them off the minute I'm inside, so what's the point? Especially here in DC, where it's an hour-long drive in traffic to get there!

Julie said...

I say a hearty AMEN and hallelujah to this entire post. Your posts always make me smile.

Sherrie said...

I approve of your disapprovals.

Sherrie said...

Wait, can I add one more?

How about wedding invitations that include gift registry info? UGH! "I'm getting married and I expect you to ante up a gift that I've chosen for myself." Correct etiquette: Gifts are optional. If people want to know what you'd like, they'll ask. Make sure bridesmaids and family know registry information.

Thanks, Kim. That one's been irking me for awhile. (as you may know...)

Kim said...

Ah! I know, Mom! That bugs me too. Never on or included with the invitation.

)en said...

I agree with your disapprovals but for one: barf. I love all vomit-related words. Don't take that away from me.

I know I'm not the queen of etiquetteness but the registry thing doesn't bother me. I'd like to get a gift and I'm way too lazy to call someone ask and have them tell me what they need. In fact, the next time I get an invite w/out one, I'm going to send them something horrendous just to teach them a lesson. Tacky = better. Ha ha.

Nylons do not make holier legs.

and those are the things i have to say.

Alanna said...

My Mom also thought it was tacky to include where you were registered in your wedding invite, so I didn't. And then, people actually called her and asked her where I'd registered and she told them she didn't think I had!!!!! That kind of infuriated me. A lot. No, I don't think you should be demanding presents. But if people want to buy them for me, don't tell them I don't want 'em!

Dale said...

Barf Kristina! Do you know what wieners are made of?