Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another one bites the dust.

Dear friends, it is a sorrowful time of mourning here in Utah.

Yes, sadly, my fish Dorothy is dead. Finally. The resurrecting fish will no longer "play dead" and cause unrest and distress in our home. Last night he was looking pretty forlorn but, reportedly, was merrily swimming around his bowl this morning. Alas, at 5:30pm tonight he was pronounced "a floater" by Alisca Warner, CPhT.

A short ceremony occured shortly afterward consisting of me scooping him out of his bowl with an Asian soup spoon and Alisca yelling "I don't want to see! Don't bring it over here! I'm not looking!" Dorothy, my companion of two plus years, and I said our good-byes over the rush of the swirling waters taking him to his final home.

El Nino, on the other hand, is pretty excited about the passing of his brother because that means that he will be upgraded from the glass vase to the oh-so-roomy bowl. In fact, rumors abound that El Nino had a hand in Dorothy's death, for he has long been jealous of Dorothy's posh accomodations. Investigations will proceed tommorrow.

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