Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Phone!

My dear old trusty phone has decided to give up the ghost, or at least spew its entrails out the bottom. I was a little sad until I realized that meant I get a new phone! Hooray! I got a great discount on the phone because I renewed my contract and I'm a University of Utah employee so this $129 phone cost me exactly $9. I had to drive out to West Valley to pick it up tonight. (If you're not from Utah, just know this: West Valley is not an ideal place for a picnic.) I've been playing around with it all evening. I think my roommates are getting a little annoyed because every 3 minutes they hear, "Do you like this ringtone? Oh, hang on . . . how did I do that? Waitwaitwait. Ok-this ringtone?"
Anyway, applaud my foresight because when my old phone started falling apart, I quickly copied down all the numbers stored in it so I wouldn't lose any numbers if I couldn't transfer them. I know I wrote them down on a legal pad and put it . . . somewhere. Well, if you don't ever hear from me again, you'll know I didn't find it.

(Red is new, blue is old.)

Do I seem excessively excited about this? Cause I am.


Corrine said...

YAY!! New phones can be fun! I hope you have my number!! You know if you dont just send me a note and I'll send it your way!! Love ya lots!!

Anonymous said...

My dad is a pilot and he knows Harrison Ford. Bet you don't have Harrison's number programmed in your new phone.....if you're really nice to me and just believe everything I tell you (no more questioning my knowledge because I DO know everything), maybe I'll share his number with you!

Anonymous said...

Someone just told me that their dad knows Harrison Ford... who are you jh person?