Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Movies I Saw

Made of Honor made me think that their is no honor amongst filmmakers because that was a truely awful movie. Classified as a romantic comedy, it was not really that funny or romantic. It was crude and predictable. Thumbs down.

Baby Mama was extremely funny. I actually experienced that gasping-type of laughing. That shaking-the-chair laughing. That I-should-not-have-had-that-second-Diet-Coke laughing. This one was a little predictable as well but had such a delightful cast and silly dialogue (think SNL) that made up for it. I loved, loved Steve Martin's character. Thumbs up.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull should have been called Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Lame Script and Weird Plotline. I was not a fan but that may be because I haven't seen the original IJ movies. I was really put off by the weird ending. I do love Shia LaBeouf but I didn't really love his character's development in the movie. It would have been a fun movie to take kids to see if it hadn't been so entrenched in bad language. Thumbs sideways.

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Corrine said...

Thanks fir the reviews!! I have heard the same thing from a few friends about IJ. I really want to see Baby Mama!! Love ya bunches!!