Thursday, May 22, 2008


So I'm thinking about buying a bicycle. I don't really know anything about bikes or about the buying of such. I've been doing a little research and am just getting further confused. Cruiser or comfort or road or mountain? Hybrid? 7-speed, 10-speed or 21-speed?

It's all very overwhelming.


The Hathorns said...

I will teach you about bikes, Kim. What are your needs? Commuting only? Or do you think you would be occasionally inclined to go offroad, necessitating suspension? Tell me, Kim.


Lauren said...

In 2004 I bought a TREK 7000 which is a hybrid and I love it. It works great for what I need it for. I suggest you go to a bike shop and tell them what you think you like. They should give you suggestions and let you try out the bikes.

My bike was close to $300 so research prices so you aren't surprised.