Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Third Time's the Charm

Married To The Sea

My coworker is getting married this Saturday for the third time. This woman is, I am not kidding, deranged. She is hyper-emotional and a drama-queen to the max. She irritates me like you would not believe.

What I'm trying to figure out is how she got three guys to marry her when I have enough trouble just getting a date for the weekend. Granted, two of the three men she's married are employees of our Maintenance Department. Really.

My funny roommate said, "Tell her she can't go through the buffet line again when some of us haven't had firsts yet!"

Today I've been thinking that I should get her a card or something for the wedding but I just can't figure out what to write in it. Everything I come up with sounds insincere.

"Cindy, sorry you annoy the everliving heck out of me. Let's hope this marriage sticks."


"Cindy, congratulations on marrying that guy who fixes stuff around here. Here's hoping he bathes for the wedding."

Oh, that was negative. Now I feel slightly bad.

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Anonymous said...

Just where did you hear that bad word, young lady? Certainly not from me or Dad. Mind yer manners...