Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lessons From Dad

I am a self-admitted daddy's girl. I love my dad! Throughout my life, my dad has taught me a myriad of things, including how to read, how to drive (some people claim I've not yet mastered that lesson), how to buy a watermelon, etc . . .
Some invaluable lessons follow:
1. Dad taught me about service. I remember when we would go as a family to church activities, Dad usually drove his own car because he would be the first one to be there to set up, and the last one to leave after cleaning up. I remember Dad getting home from work, exhausted and ready for some down time, and then cheerfully accepting an invitation to help someone move a couch or man the dessert table at a Boy Scout event.
2. Dad taught me about kindness. I can't remember ever hearing him say a mean or nasty thing about anyone. Dad will stay quiet if he can't think of something positive to say about someone.
3. Dad taught me about balance. Dad works at work and is present at home. I know that his job gets stressful, even more so now, but he knows that playing catch with the boys or reviewing homework is more important that worrying about work.

My daddy is my hero. Happy Fathers' Day! I love you!

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