Thursday, June 26, 2008

O beautiul, for spacious skies.

Have I ever told you guys how much I LOVE the Fourth of July? It's everything good about summer rolled up into one great day. Flags and patriotism and watermelon and fireworks and hot dogs. And no offense to Christmas, but I think it's the best holiday ever.

I was raised in a very patriotic family and we took it "to the max," as the kids say, on the 4th. I'm so excited that I get to spend this year's Independence Day with my family.

(This is the 4th, Texas-style.)

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Corrine said...

Tell your family hi for me!! I wish I was going to be with family for the 4th. There is no 4th of July like in Texas!! I loved going to Breckenridge every year!! love ya kimmy!!