Friday, May 22, 2009

Give me a break, I may have recently suffered a stroke. Also, a great way to profit on my death.

For six months or so I’ve been getting frequent, debilitating headache attacks. I often get headaches if I skip my daily caffeine intake but I’ve been patronizing the local Top Stop with usual vigor so I don’t think that’s the problem. It was proposed my headaches were caused by too much caffeine, and I countered with the idea that Godzilla or the Baba Yaga was to blame because, seriously, is there such a thing as too much caffeine? (I know there is. Leave me alone, Judgy McJudgers.)

Well, because I have special powers, I was convinced of, you know, the Worst Thing. Brain parasites also crossed my mind, but that’s all House’s fault. In order to further my unease, I headed over to WebMD, the gathering place for the hypochondriacally-afflicted. Now my options are aneurism, malocclusion, aseptic meningitis or stroke. Yeah, I’ve been sleeping really well lately.

So here's where you folks come in. Vote on my headache poll (in the sidebar) and tell me what you think is causing my pain. Then I'll go to a doctor and, if you're correct, I'll name you as beneficiary on my life insurance and then when I die, you'll get a sweet 50 grand (to be divided among the people who voted correctly)!

Isn't this the coolest blog contest ever?


Mel said...

Bring on the 50 grand baby!

Oh wait, that would mean you were dead if I got that.

Nevermind. Can I take back my vote?

Corrine said...

hey you! When I was getting frequent headaches that Dr said because I was eating too much sugar. Including the good sugars. So now I just have to watch my sugar intake.

And yes cokes have sugar... ;)

Celestial Soldier said...

Maybe it's Lupus. Oh wait, it's never Lupus.

Dale said...

When normal caffeine doesn't do the trick I find that Red Bull is pretty good for driving away those addiction headaches.

(Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper are a gateway drug. Or at least that's what my mom would have you believe. What does she know anyway?)

The next time you get a headache try a Red Bull or a Monster energy drink.


Kim said...

Dale, if you've seen me on Excedrin you would know Kim + large quantities of caffeine = a big mess.

But it sure is entertaining for others.