Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Night

10:30 pm - Decided to go to bed.

11:45 pm - Went to bed.

12:00 am - Dozed off in blissful slumber.

3:50 am - Awoke with a start because never received confirmation email from auto-payment for car insurance this month. Lay awake fretting for several minutes, worried bill would be late.

4:00 am - Pulled out laptop to double-check payment actually went through. It did. Relief.

4:15 am - Wide awake now, decide to track Amazon shipment, return emails, etc . . . End up watching Eddie Izzard bits on youtube.

6:00 am - Glance at the clock and reel in horror, realizing have just burned up 2 hours of precious sleeping-time. Put laptop away, determined to sneak in additional hour of sleep.

6:10 am - Still wide awake, tried to cajole myself to get up and go for jog before work. Realize getting out of warm blanket-cocoon to run around outside ranks on the list of appealing things somewhere between getting kicked in the teeth and spooning with a wild boar.

6:20 am - Doze off.

7:00 am - Alarm goes off. Laugh at its pathetic attempt to rouse me. This cycle continues for some time. Finally succeed in getting out of bed a whopping 40 minutes after alarm sounds.

7:45 am - Stumble into shower and promptly dump a quarter-cup of shampoo on loofah. Drop razor and bang head on shower door. Determine today will be an interesting day.


Celestial Soldier said...

*psst* I have the entire Eddie Izzard DVD collection...

Mrs. B. Roth said...

If you think there is a difference between Shampoo and Body Wash, there is a marketing guy patting his buddies on the back. Not that I don't buy it all, myself. But when I put shampoo on my loofah, it's all gooooood.

Take your headaches to a chiropractor. Worked for me.