Friday, May 29, 2009

A single girl's version of posting pictures of her cute baby.

Okay, everyone. Please take a moment and revere the amazingly green-thumbed Kim who can make plants grow through sheer force of will . . . and by tilling the soil for hours, wading through bags of steer manure, placing each seed gently in its appropriate place, coaxing said seeds to life through careful application of hydration and fertilization, obsessively removing weeds and evil insects, and tearfully wishing and praying. Just that simple, folks.

I'm really getting into this gardening thing. Next year I'll be donning denim overalls and a plaid shirt, leaning against my fence while chewing on the end of a dry wheat stalk and shaking my head slowly. "Yep. The summer of '38 . . . that was a dry one. Lost 'bout half the crop, we did."

Does anyone know where I can get a tractor cheap?


Ornamental Cabbage



And one little sweet pea shoot (collective "aww!")
I'd show you the tomatoes but, uh, I guess I didn't pray hard enough for those guys. So sad because garden-fresh tomatoes = big red balls of heaven. (Which would be a pretty cool name for a rock band.)



Kristina P. said...

What!?!? You are fancy! I kill things just by being in the same room with them.

Corrine said...

yay!! I cant wait to go to Missouri! Kristofer and I want a garden so bad. We do have our little hanging plants of herbs and tomato plants. :) Your garden looks GREAT!! I am in 100% agree-ance with you about the fresh- on the vine tomatoes!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hah! My 'kids' are cuter than your 'kids'!

Dale said...

That's cool. Are these at your house or the summer garden you were going to do with your students?

Kim said...

Yeah, I'm doing this with my students. Of course, "with my students" means I do all the work and they stand around complaining that they're hot. At least until I spray them with the hose.

Anonymous said...

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