Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alls it takes to melt my heart is a white Stetson and a pair of Levi's. A soft drawl can't hurt, though.

So I think I need to move out of the city. There simply are too few cowboys here and how the heck can I accomplish my life goal of marrying a cowboy if I'm here in the middle of the suburbs? Huh? Huh?

Have I told you folks about my thing for cowboys? No? Well, I have told my entire ward. Over the pulpit. That's right folks--I keep things classy.

Anyway, I guessed y'all could figure it out since I fell in love for the first time with Christian Bale* when he sang Santa Fe and, I don't care that he's got a kid my age, I will love George Strait 'til the day I die. (And, don't tell anyone, but I just might have this hanging in my bedroom.)

And, seriously, have you heard Big Green Tractor? That's like the love song to my very soul.

*Dear Christian Bale,
I know you've got some anger issues but, if you're up for it, you should move to Utah, join the Mormons and make an honest woman out of me. And if you talk to me in your Batman voice I will make it worth your while, if you know what I'm sayin'.
Yours, Kim


Lindsey said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE NEWSIES!!! And, i didn't think i'd married a cowboy (and have always been obsessed with them also), but came to learn 2 years into our marriage that he's amazing on a horse!!! and throwing bale around in the sunset... (he had some nice friends growing up)

Kim said...

One of the best dates I've ever been on was a guy taking me to his family's ranch and showing me how to swing a lasso.


And he drove a Chevy pick-up.

Double swoon.

Kristina P. said...

Christian Bale and I are already having a secret love affair. I am making an honest man out of him.

Anonymous said...

Kim..and Kristina,

Hands off Christian Bale. He is my back up plan if I can't break up Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

p.s.- I SO agree. Cowboys are hot! So are boys who play the guitar..and boys with accents..

p.p.s.- Kim, was that at F & T when you told your whole ward, or was it the theme of a talk? :)

Kim said...

Oh Lori, it definitely was in F&T meeting and I believe my exact words were, ". . . and I kinda have a thing for cowboys. So keep that in mind, Elders."

I LOVE that I recently complained about someone using F&T meeting inappropriately and then I pull this story out. Maybe later I'll tell you about the time I talked about Flava Flav over the pulpit. It was horrible. (And awesome.)

Alanna said...

I remember asking my dad if he ever wanted to be a cowboy when he was a little boy. He looked at me like I was the biggest idiot ever and said, "Of COURSE I wanted to be a cowboy."

They are just plain cool, aren't they?