Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the Wrong Side of the Law

I was threatened with a Class B misdemeanor citation last night.


Keith and I went for an evening walk-and-talk in a local park and, before we knew it, it was late late late and we were OFFICIALLY TRESPASSING (according to the policeman who caught us criminals). The officer took down our information and put us on "a list of offenders who can be prosecuted if found on the premises after 10 pm ever again."

"Basically, folks," the policeman said, "Your first time's a warning, but the next time you're looking at a fine, impound of your vehicle, the whole thing."


Keith was annoyed. I, on the other hand, was absolutely delighted with the situation because I have a record with the flippin' Sandy City PD. Okay, not a "record" per se, but I'm on a list of offenders. Offenders!

As Keith dropped me off , I thanked him for almost getting me arrested and made him pinkie-swear to write often if I were thrown in the clink. He left me at the door humming Folsom Prison Blues.

In honor of my run-in with the law, please enjoy a little diversion.


Kristina P. said...

Did you get the officer's name? I know many of Sandy PD well with my job. There are a few that are a little over zealous.

Oh, and you would be in good company with prostitues. Solicitation is also a Class B Misdemeanor.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to tell my friends about the 'rough crowd' I associate with! I will send you brownies in prison..with home decor items baked inside, so you can decorate your cell all cute:)

Kim said...

Wow. I've just achieved bloggy nirvana from the two best comments of all time.

Kristina & Lori Ann, props.