Thursday, July 16, 2009

They're amphibians, you know.

I accidentally bought an African Dwarf Frog about a month ago. I went to the pet store to get some more fish for my tank but one look at this guy and I had to have him. He doesn't actually have a name because I'm incredibly indecisive but I've been leaning toward Glenn. Glenn's a nice name for a frog, dontcha think?

My nephews moved out of state right before I bought the little guy so I took a little video of him to show the boys (and you, by default). He just kind of swims around and eats some worms and then swims some more, so that's pretty much what he's doing here. I can't figure out why I like watching him so much--either he's really interesting or I just need something to dote on.

Bet you didn't know my life was this exciting, huh?


Mrs. B. Roth said...

"I'd like you to meet my frog. His name is Glenn, with two ens. He swims around a lot."

I think Glenn is a super brilliant fabulous name ... FOR ME TO MOCK!

He looks like a Fernando to me. Fernando Q. Frog. Name him what you will, but everytime I hear that Abba song, I will now think of your frog.

Kim said...

Fernando? That's an exciting name! I'm just not exciting enough to think of cool names.

I was even debating "Elmer" for a while. I'm just too boring. That's why I need people like you.

Kim said...

He is native to Sub-Saharan Africa, though, so maybe an African name would be appropriate?

Akbar? Amani? Malik? Jabari?

Actually, I really like that idea . . .

Dale said...

I was consulting the froggy name index and I saw a good one.

"The Frog Formerly Known As Prince"

Kim said...

Umm, can I just say that I love that there is a "froggy name index" to consult?

Thanks for the tip!

Amy Brinton said...

"I want to see the froggies again!" Jacob
"Mom! Mom! Mommy Mom!" Michael