Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Capital City

We ladies decided to drop into the city for a bit of history and culture.

But then we got distracted . . .

Because wouldn't it be a riot to pop in and surprise Dad at his office? And maybe convince him to ditch work and take his lovely wife, daughters and granddaughter out to lunch?


"Okay," says Dad because he's heard how stubborn Raynor girls can be. And because he enjoys having his picture taken with his mouth full of food.

We went to CiCi's Pizza, the best pizza value anywhere! Oh, I love CiCi's! I'll be straight with you folks: it's not the best pizza in the world but we used to go there as kids and you know how you love food you ate growing up even if it's not really that great?


PLUS you get to ring the bell if you have great service! Who doesn't like to ring the bell at CiCi's? That is what I'd like to know.

Our tummies satisfied, we made our way to a very damp D.C.

We went to the Library of Congress where I gave into my seizures of happiness. They have a Gutenberg Bible, y'all! And Thomas Jefferson's personal library! And books also!

Rules for Viewing the Gutenberg Bible:

1. No taking pictures of the Bible.
2. No touching the glass.
3. No drooling a large puddle in front of the display.
4. No open weeping.
5. No arguing with Security.
6. Really. No drooling.

It cleared up so we headed over the the Botanic Gardens which was fun. I was in raptures over the gardenia bushes everywhere. I love gardenias and rue the aridity of Utah which prevents them from surviving here.

So lovely!

"Quack!" the ducks said in parting.


Kristina P. said...

I love the DC area. I miss it.

And why don't we have Cici's here?

Sherrie said...

I miss you....

We are not Martha said...

ahh, I love the Botanic Gardens in DC. I visited last summer... they're gorgeous! [chels]