Friday, June 4, 2010

I am basically ruled by a thirteen-year-old girl living inside of me.

I am a dyed-in-the-wool sun baby. Oh how I love that delicious sunshine! And boy have I been getting a lot of sun these days. Yesterday I was putting on my make-up and I noticed a new smattering of teensy freckles all over my tanned little nose. Adult Kim tsked and carried on about skin cancer and loss of youthful radiance and so on. Thirteen-year-old Kim clapped her hands with delight and examined the tiny speckles of sun damage because I am tanned and lovely and also freckles are darling, but didn't you know that?  

And just last week my coworker stared at my face strangely in the way that makes me think that maybe I had something coming out of somewhere you don't want things coming out, but then she says to me sweetly, "Kim . . . are you . . . . sparkly?" And that is when I realized my new bronzer is the kind that makes a girl look all glittery. So Adult Kim decided she should not wear that particular cosmetic anymore because, honestly,  respectable adults can't just walk around with glitter-faces, now can they? But thirteen-year-old Kim squealed because SPARKLES and UNICORNS and FAIRIES and also I should put this stuff EVERYWHERE!! 

So when you see Adult Kim walking around covered in freckles and sparkles and looking ridiculous, just know this is one of those instances when it's useless to argue with thirteen-year-old Kim.

(She really can be quite stubborn sometimes, you know.)

"What do you mean 'people aren't into sparkles anymore'?" Edward asks worriedly.


Lauren said...


I can't get enough of you!! We need to get together! Really soon!

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