Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Charm City

This is a story about crab cakes. But not just any crab cakes. The Mother of All Crab Cakes.


Amy, Sandra and I packed up a few of their kids and headed into the city for some authentic Baltimore sights, sounds and seafood. And also because I was like, "Do you guys feel like discarding all your weekend plans and going to get some delicious crab because that is what makes me happy?"

FUN FACT: I crack up when people say "kwab" instead of "crab." It's the stupidest thing in the world but it makes me laugh.

We walked around the Inner Harbor, oohing and ahhing at all the boats and drunk hobos.

Also ice cream was involved. Don't be alarmed by my face in the above picture. That just happens when I get my picture taken. My brain thinks, "Oh! A camera! Better open my mouth as huge as humanly possible. All right!"

We skipped into the World Famous Lexington Market in search of the one and only true crab cake. The place smelled of fish and cigarettes and sweat and fried chicken. I was in heaven. 

We gloried in the sight of it all. There were people hawking every type of sea creature imaginable. We saw butchers selling fresh slabs of meat that looked like they had been hacked off the animal within the hour. Piles, I mean piles of pork, chicken, pigs feet, turkey, alligator, you name it. There were even signs for fresh raccoon meat (in season only).

We finally found our Mecca tucked in the back.

We couldn't seem to get the goodness inside ourselves fast enough. (They should make rocket forks!)

Thesis: Faidley's Crab Cakes have ruined me for all other crab cakes. I am doomed to be unsatisfied forever and ever. Baltimore, get ready! I'm on my way back soon!


Kristina P. said...

I don't think I even had one crab cake while I was in Baltimore, years ago. Travesty.

Kim said...

Epicurean fail.

Amy Brinton said...

I'm glad that you convinced us to go into Balmo' and especially that you convinced us to go into Faidley's. I'm anxious for the NYC and NJ posts--good times!

Dale said...

I don't think I've ever had a crab cake.

Where would one go to get a good crab cake in SLC?

Kim said...


Market Street Broiler has decent ones. I try them at almost every restaurant I go to but I've yet to find any to write home about.

The important thing is to make sure they are made with lump crab. Anything less than the best is a felony.

Kim said...

And make sure they're made in house because pre-made crab cakes are Satan's food.

Celestial Soldier said...

And stay away if they're made with Krab. ;)