Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You guys are into these rambling things, right? I'll take your silence as a yes.

I bought some ant traps on Amazon yesterday because did I tell you we have ants? Yeah, that is why I was in the kitchen at 1:30 am the other day with rubber gloves on, clutching a bottle of 409, screaming "Why won't you just DIE?!?" But now my Amazon recommendations are insecty things which makes me inexplicably uncomfortable. Like I'm afraid someone's going to see my Amazon page and I'll have to be all "Oh no, I'm not particularly into bug poison! I'm not like a weirdo or anything." Which I think might illustrate just how desperate I am for your collective acceptance.

And have you seen that McDonald's commercial for smoothies with that rapper? I'm no hip-hop expert but I think that if you go around the 'hood singing "When I say 'pineapple' you say 'mango'!" you're liable to get a cap busted in your you-know-what.

And, do you listen to Science Friday on NPR? It's my favorite. I love the call-ins. Last Friday someone called in and asked if, given that people are getting chips implanted in their brains (which, really?) and hackers are so prevalent now, could hackers take control someone's brain and turn the person against himself? And, by the way, then I laughed for a hundred years.

Speaking of laughing, have I ever confessed to you my secret crush on David Mitchell?

I mean, good grief, how could I not?


Melinda said...

I like him. How have I not heard of him before? Was that correct, you know, gramattically? Gramatically? Grammartically...crap.

Alanna said...

My friend recommended baby powder for her ant problem. After placing a few ant traps and still finding them every day, I went with her method. And it worked WAY better than the traps. (And, once my baby starts crawling, I won't have to worry about him trying to eat one of those traps! Double bonus!) I recommend sprinkling baby powder around wherever you're finding them!

And, my word scramble thingy today is "supgab." I think that could be the basis of a great hiphop song. 'Sup, Gab???

Amy Brinton said...

What's the largest mammal you can kill? Are you kidding me? What a riot!

Dale said...

We had ants. I sold the place and moved. It was so much easier. now I just have to figure out what to do with all this boxed up stuff.