Monday, March 17, 2008

Justin Case

I was on today and I stumbled across a story about people who chose bad baby names. Most were pretty hysterical, but the ones that made me laugh the hardest were:

*Hugh Jass
*Fanny Whiffer
*Naught E. Bishop

So there. That proves it. I have the maturity level of a 12-year-old. I'm still laughing now, 20 minutes later.


Courtney said...

Haha, I watched a show on tv about the most bizarre celebrity baby names. The top one was Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl) named his boy Pilot Inspektor. I'm not kidding. :)

Scott Booker said...

Working with the public...I hear a lot of funny names. I have actually made a list of them over a period of time.

Most of the ones that I have come across are really bad (naughty) so wont share them here.

But here are two "Clean" ones I liked.

Ima Foos-Ball

Candy Fudge

Alisca said...

You have heard about my dear friend, Terry Yockey. That's the best one I have heard personally.