Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Now that I am in the process of moving, I'm feeling all nostalgic about this place and all the memories we've shared.

#1. When Alisca and I decided to have a "tea and crumpets" party (i.e. donut holes and apple juice) in celebration of the British guy on The Bachelor.

#2. When Alisca tried to convince me that the Queen of England caught the bouquet at Garth Brooks' and Trisha Yearwood's wedding.

#3. When we didn't have a dining room table for a while and we "ice-skated" around the kitchen in our socks.

#4. "Have you ever seen 'Scrubs'?"

#5. "Do you like my plates?"

#6. When our power went out so we went to the movies and saw the absolute worst movie ever: "The Gameplan" which is sports-talk for "Poorly-Written Script."

#7. When Alisca and I cry every single time we watch "Extreme Home Makeover."

#8. Eliptical machine fiasco.

#9. The time I kicked the front door open and made a huge dent in the wall. (Thanks, Becca!)

#10. When Alisca told me that Mark Cuban cries himself to sleep every time the Mavs lose.


Kim said...

#11. When I made really really really gross muffins and tried to convince Alisca that they were good. And then I gagged and had to spit it out.

Alisca said...

#12. When Nalu cooked a goat head on our stove

Kim said...

#13. Wax foot.

Kim said...


Kim said...

#15. When I tried sending a love text from your phone to your friend as a joke, not knowing that the girl is actually a lesbian. Good thing you wrested the phone away from me before I sent it.

Kim said...

#16. When I cried while watching "World's Wildest Police Chases: Caught on Tape Volume 6" because I was worried about the people in the car crashes.

Kimmy said...

I know that this has nothing to do with anything, but I LOVED your countdown, so I stole it.

Have a great time in FL!

I will arrive in TN in eight days and 23 hours! LOL

Have fun and thanks for the countdown!

Scott Booker said...

Sounds like GREAT memories!!!

Except maybe that #13??? LOL

Alisca said...

#17. When Lily's friend went racing out of the parking lot and lost half of her bumper on the sink hole!

Alisca said...

#18. Even the Pope....(you know the rest)

Alisca said...

#19. Chummy Le

Corrine said...

kimmy!! Where are you mving to? I will be down to SLC conference weekend con mis padres! Are you going to be there? I'd love to see you!! Let me know!