Monday, June 29, 2009

Who da ho?

I headed out on the wide open highway this weekend. Destination: Idaho. Reason: baby shower.

Living on the edge, folks.

The dullness of the drive was assuaged because I had this chick with me, a steady supply of Big Gulps, and 80's music until our ears bled. I think by hour six Melissa was thinking, "Seriously with the Whitesnake again?" (P.S. If you don't know Melissa, just imagine a skinnier, blonder version of me, but, ya know, actually funny.)

My enjoyment of the shower was augmented by the inclusion of delicious chicken salad sandwiches, of which I consumed 4 or 18. But my personal favorite part of the entire weekend was when Melissa told a tiny child, "Get a life, baby," which is probably the best thing I've ever heard.

It was lovely to see my old friends and I was, once again, reminded why I am so glad Corrine married Kristofer:

a) he recognizes the white gummi bears are the best flavor and he knows the Haribo brand is the only kind worth buying anyway

b) he made meatloaf & mashed potatoes for dinner (while I napped on the couch--double score!)

c) he bought me a pina colada sno-cone

(Yeah, I just realized all those have to do with food. There are other reasons why I like Kristofer, like the time he totally ring-checked a cute guy for me, but I was just really hungry this weekend.)

Next road trip: Boise in July. Anyone care to join me?


Kristina P. said...

First, I love chicken salad sandwiches. The best part of showers.

Second, I am in awe that you used the word "assuaged."

Amy Brinton said...

Sounds fun. That's a long trip in one day--remember Connie's wedding? Good times.

Kim said...

The two things I remember about Connie's wedding are

1. When we hit that bird on the freeway and it smeared blood and feathers all over the windshield and

2. When I gave Uncle Jeff a hug and thought halfway into it "This is gonna be awkward."

Corrine said...

i am so glad you came up!! and that you and my husband are so much a like... it cracks me up! What's going on in Boise?

Kim said...

My brother Brian is going to be in town so I'm heading up to see him.

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Melissa said...

The 80's music pretty much rocked. That baby was completely out of control! So, naturally she deserved the comment.

PS.I think you are much more funny than I am.