Monday, October 5, 2009


My mom always signs her text messages with Sherrie/Mom.

As if I have a ton of friends named Sherrie who send me texts reading, "Have a good day, punkin!" and she is just clarifying that she is the Sherrie who is actually also my mom. Or maybe she thinks I have other moms and she wants me to know which one is sending me "Hey are you up yet? Call me when you wake up," at 5 am on a Saturday.

Should I start signing my texts back Kim/Your Child?


Becca's Blog said...

Haaaaaaa I love it. Cute post!

My mom always signs as MOM. All caps. She says it is so we can distinguish from all the other moms out there.

Kristina P. said...


Sherrie/Mom said...


Amy said...

You are kind-of popular, Kim.

)en said...

that is awesome.

when i g-chat with my mom she always says goodbye by saying, "ok, talk to you later! -Mom"

i love moms.

Beerman said...

pretty funny...

when I e-mail my mom, I sign it

"the boy"

I am a twin and she is "the girl"