Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Trip to the Old Line State

It's always lovely to pop back East for a visit. Actually it doesn't matter where you pop for visits, it's always lovely to do things like not work and eat Mom's apple scallop by the fistful, both activities in which I engaged with much vigor.

A few highlights:
I hit the Inner Harbor and Fort McHenry with Amy and her family. We also went to Arlington where I found some people who may or may not be relations. The National Archives was my favorite part of our foray into D.C. We were walking out of the Rotunda when I asked Matt (7) what he thought of the Constitution.

"The what?" he asked.

"Um, the Constitution. Of the United States. Didn't you see it?"

When he replied in the negative, I circled back with him and held him aloft so he could secure a viewing. I mean, come on, you can't go to the National Archives and not see the Constitution.

"Is it that?" he asked, pointing to a painting on the wall.

"No. The Constitution. Right there." I said.

"Uh, where?" he asked.

"Right there. Right there. In that big case with all the security personnel. Right in front of you."

"Oh. You mean that big paper thing?"


"Well, I saw that."

On the way out I gave Matt a quick (relatively) history of this country's constitution to which he responded that I was "being more boring than 500 boring teachers put together." Ouch.

Mom and I took a day trip to Monticello, which was simply delightful. We wandered round and round the gardens and grounds, both reluctant to leave such a lovely place. If you find yourself near Charlottesville without anything to do, I strongly recommend checking this place out. Like, seriously, strongly. Like, I can't wait to go back strongly.

Would you like to see some of the five thousand pictures I took? Welp, have at it.

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Amy Brinton said...

It was delightful to have you! I got some of the pictures off the slideshow. I love the twins shot.