Tuesday, October 13, 2009


On my key chain, I have a rape whistle. Just in case.

And in my purse I carry a second, backup rape whistle. In case something happens to my primary rape whistle.

This makes perfect sense to me.


Dale said...

You should carry a gun. They make a loud noise too.

Kim said...

And then a backup gun, too?!

Dale said...

Well that would only make all kinds of sense. ;-)

Celestial Soldier said...

So... I'm trying to think of something clever to say here, and everything that pops into my mind is hilarious, but then I become the loser who is joking about rape.

PS No one jokes about cancer either, did you notice your poll?

Kim said...

I *did* notice that and, frankly, it made made me quite sad. I hope to live in a world where we can sit around joking about cancer and rape and people with disabilities all day long without repercussion.

Oh, look, everyone . . . I'm being insensitive.