Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ramblin' Wednesday

I am a little bit insomniac-ish. No matter how tired I am, I simply cannot sleep through the night. And I don't like to take sleeping pills because they make me so loopy it's not even funny. (Actually it is pretty funny.) So I'm generally up at all hours of the night. Sometimes it is very boring to be awake all night. Doing anything (reading, watching tv, cleaning the bathroom, making potato salad) wakes me up even further so I generally just lie in bed and think. I think about all kinds of stuff. Sometimes I make up jokes and write them down next to my bed and when I wake up in the morning I'm all, "Ha! These are some terrible jokes!"

Often I will write down ideas for blog posts in the middle of the night. They are all very terrible ideas. The other day I wrote, "Tell them about all the stuffed animals you've ever had." See what I mean? Very terrible stuff.

My four favorite stuffed animals were:
        1) Butter Bear
        2) Bunny
        3) Cinnamon Bear
        4) Mrs. Rabbit

I am not very creative at naming things.

I am very absent-minded. I write myself post-it notes about everything so I don't forget stuff. That is one of the reasons (from a very long list) I am scared to have children. I'm afraid I would stick the kid somewhere and forget where I put it. I would have to write myself notes like "Baby in kitchen" or "Stuck it in the crib" and that can get expensive. Do you know how much post-its are going for these days?

I am apparently just as creative at naming kids as I am at naming stuffed animals.


Alanna said...

My whole family sucks at naming things. We called "cream of white" by the awesome name of "hot white cereal." I don't know why. And there's this street we always drive down that goes along the water with a beautiful view of Seattle. We call it "the view way." We got a dog who had already been named Lassie, despite the fact that there was no collie blood in this black lab mix. We never got around to renaming her (poor thing). A friend once pointed out, "You couldn't have done much worse than Lassie." Apparently we were too afraid to try.

So Butter Bear and Cinnamon Bear sound DANG creative to me.

By the way, I hate it when I can't sleep. It usually involves replaying conversations in my head and pinpointing where exactly it was obvious that the person on the receiving end of that conversation decided that s/he hated me. I'd go for the sleeping pills if it were me! (Hopefully you're not as paranoid and lame. So don't really take sleeping pills!)

(And the word verification right now is "loopo." I feel like I've been caught!)

Kristina P. said...

I do the Post Its thing too!

And I named my black baby Cabbage Patch doll, Xavier. I was very cool.

Kristen said...

This is a fantastic post. So glad you are back from your blogging sabbatical.

Dale said...

We people who can't sleep at night work the graveyard shift.

Going on 9 years now...I don't think I'll ever sleep normally again.

Sherrie said...

You are funny, Kimmy!!

Love, Nathan, Matt, and Mom
(My bear is named Tim O'Clock. from Matt.)

Lauren said... stuffed bear I have had for 20 plus years and now sleeps with Torin is named...


Now that is creative!